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United States
I mostly make sprite animations involving inflation!

And here's my alt account for non-fetish things.


You can also view my animations on YouTube!…

E-mail address
Mostly for if you want to contact me through Discord. (Or use my ID below.) I tend to rarely actually check my e-mail, so just send a note instead if you need to contact me privately.

Discord Server for "The Balloon Party"

Discord ID


ART TRADES are OKAY. If you come to me for one, I'll create what you want first. Afterwards, I'll ask for something of equal value. No pressure though, go at your own pace.


POINT COMMISSIONS I'M NOT SURE ON. I'm not sure how much I should charge for animations or anything! But maybe we can negotiate something.


And now, the Question Corner, with your host, Reimarisakuya...

- Who makes your sprites?
- :iconmasterd987: makes the majority of the custom sprites I use, aside from actual official sprites and backgrounds. However, I can and have made slight edits to them if I need to, like for expressions. Heck, I've even made brand new sprites, but they were still based on existing sprites. I can't really make sprites from scratch, so you might not see new sizes or anything until my sprite-making friend happens to make some.

- What do you use to animate?
- Adobe Animate CC for the actual animation; Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 if I need to edit sprites; Swivel to convert them to video format for YouTube; and sometimes Audacity if I have to edit any sounds in some way. And... Notepad for writing down ideas and suggestions.

- What's your Flash setup?
- 24 fps, 800x450
Publish Settings are -
JPEG Quality: 100 (So the sprites look good.)
Unchecked "Enable JPEG deblocking"
Audio stream and event are both: MP3, 160 kbps, Stereo (For that perfect sound quality.)
Unchecked "Override sound settings"
I think I left everything else unchanged though.

- Where'd you get your sounds?
- At first I ripped them from the animations that :iconheiseigoji91: made and began practicing with those. Afterwards, I got more from things like The Sounds Resource, SoundDogs, and even just searching on YouTube.

- When's your next animation?!
- Animating takes time! And as this is just a hobby, I usually only animate a bit a day for a few hours, and on random days usually. There have been times when I animate a ton for days in a row if I personally want it to be made as soon as possible! But once I finish an animation, I take a break for maybe a week or two. I don't set deadlines either, as that would just cause unnecessary pressure and I might end up rushing it. I can't be releasing something boring, can I?!

- Hey hey, can I make a suggestion?!
- You don't need to ask first! Just slap that suggestion right in my face! Be aggressive! Rrrgh!!

- Are you still working on my request?
- I get a ton of ideas and suggestions from other people, and even from myself, so it may not be for a long time before I can get to yours. I also pick and choose which ones actually interest me. I also might combine ideas if they're vague enough with other vague ideas. So if you want your idea to become its own animation, you'll need to write up the whole scenario from start to finish! Oh and I always write down your idea, so maybe don't ask me this, as I'll just ignore you. I haven't forgotten, don't worry!

- What WON'T you make?
- Generally if something is impossible currently, like if sprites don't exist. But even if they did, I won't make anything involving (let alone actually inflate) male characters, characters who are just simply too young, or even old for that matter. Mostly must be at least a moderately attractive female character. Certain furries are okay, but they must be mammalian, and even then I lean more for things like canines, felines, rodents, stuff like that. Human-like non-humans are fine too, like aliens or robots.
Now, if I got something out of it (like with art trades, commissions, etc.) then I may consider including characters like that. I might even just end up making an alternate version without them anyway. (Assuming it's not about them.)
This is why I haven't included characters like Luma with Rosalina or Red with Ashley, because if I can't "enjoy" characters by themselves, then I can't "enjoy" anything with them included, if you catch my drift. It might be odd, but it's just how I am, I guess. I'm just really picky!
However, I most certainly will not make anything with someone questionable inflating or whatever, even if you pay me, like incredibly young characters as mentioned earlier. I also won't do realistically serious subjects like abuse. You can't make me! I am not the one to approach for stuff like that anyway.
I also don't like popping, but I might just end up making an alternate version without it as well.
Now, you can ask me about all this stuff anyway, but if anything in your idea raises red flags for me, I'm gonna say no, and that means no. Don't fight it, please.

- Okay okay! So what WILL you make?!
- Honestly, that's a good question, there's probably a lot to go over. Check my gallery for examples. But overall? Inflation of course, no size limit, that includes body, belly, breast and butt/hips or even thighs; Balloon Battles; lesbian interaction; maybe even nudity and really raunchy stuff if DA would even allow that (nudity they do, but I'm uncertain of straight up sexual activities, or at least their limit); I also like muscle stuff incidentally, but that may be a bit hard to make, and I usually like inflation more anyway, but just so you know, you might see it crop up here eventually every now and then. Maybe even muscle inflation? I dunno. Deflation is also okay for me, I'm not actually "into" it, but it doesn't bug me either. It's usually just for making perfect loops.
Outside of animating, I can just add sounds to already existing animations if you want me to or if you'd let me.

- Will you make normal stuff?
- Nah, this is a fetish dedicated account. Even if I did make something normal, you won't find it here.

- Aw man, I didn't like what you submitted this time.
- Don't be entitled or look a gift horse in the mouth, please. Especially if it's something short, because that doesn't take away most of my time from making more major creations.

- Hey, so you roleplay?
- Yeah, sometimes. If you really want to, we could go a round. It can be in notes, comments, or over at Discord.

- Welcome to DeviantArt? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'm not forcing you to watch my stuff either, you don't have to click them.

If I come up with more things to say, I may update this! Any other questions that might need answering? Let me know!


Peach Blooms Daisy - POPPING Ver.
Peach finds Daisy and gives her a few puffkisses 'til she bursts.

This one was thought of by :iconsupersquishygoober:. There is also a non-popping version for those not into it, like me. This is a popping version, which was the main request in the first place. 

The intro was even attempted by the requester, which I used as a base. Here it is if you wanna see it.

File Select - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Not Gonna Lose - Mario Party 2
Peach Blooms Daisy
Peach finds Daisy and gives her a few puffkisses.

This one was thought of by :iconsupersquishygoober:. There is also a popping version, which was the main request in the first place. This is a non-popping version for those not into it, like me.

The intro was even attempted by the requester, which I used as a base. Here it is if you wanna see it.

File Select - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Not Gonna Lose - Mario Party 2
Peach And Rosalina's Ballooned Date
Peach asks Rosalina out on a date, and they take it to the stars, puffing up to get there.

This is part of an art trade with :iconheiseigoji91:. Hey bud, lemme know if it needs some tweaks!

Well, enjoy!

(All from Super Mario 3D World)
World 3
Sprixie House
World 5
Chie Inflation (Colored)
A long while ago, before I even animated, I've attempted to color some drawings. This has existed from back then. I've also done others, but they're not all particularly great, mostly just results of practice rather than real attempts. This is probably the one I'm most proud of.

It's Chie Satonaka from Persona 4. This was originally from a single page comic, but I just colored Chie since the rest of the comic was just Naoto talking to her. I didn't wanna put in the extra effort and just wanted Chie to be the focus anyway, haha. I looked around and couldn't find the original comic again, since I just found it on an image board. It doesn't seem to be on this site either, as far as I can tell.

If you're the original artist, lemme know, so I can properly credit you. (I might wanna see some proof though, heheh, since just anyone can claim ownership.)
And sorry about being unable to get permission. My friend wanted to see how I colored drawings and I've been wanting to put one of these up for a while now anyway.

I may try to put more up later, as soon as I get permission from the original artists if I can.

Also, I have been wanting to color a ton more drawings as well, it's just that I've been mostly busy with animating instead nowadays. But if you guys wanna see more, I could try. Just obviously I'll have to take time in doing that instead of animating. In the meantime, I could put up a steady flow of colored drawings that already exist while I work on some animations that are already in the works. Afterwards, I could split my focus if you guys really want me to. (I might try coloring anyway, I just might continue to focus on animating mostly.)
AF - Balloon Peach and Friends for Nintendo Switch
Ah, this was fun to do, and it was neat to see some of you guys playing along, and even almost falling for it somehow! Haha, as if Nintendo would approve something like this.
I wanted to also make a back cover, but I didn't really have time, and I couldn't find a Switch box template that involved the back. Maybe some other time. I would definitely like to make a game, if I knew how. Nothing on this magnitude, but probably something in Game Maker or something. If I ever do that though, it'd be far off, so don't worry about that for now. I'd probably need help anyway. I could just keep making mockups, like screenshots and even animations that look like gameplay or something.
Anyway, I guess that's all. Original description is below.
I did it, you guys! I made a deal with Nintendo and got a BPAF game in the works! We even made tentative boxart. No rating yet, but I imagine it'd end up being T at the very least.

It's a 2D sidescroller game.
There are two modes: Adventure and Versus.
In Adventure mode, Peach, Daisy and Rosalina decide to go on an adventure just for fun. The levels mostly consist of using P-Balloons to inflate to traverse distances or float higher, among other obstacles. Along the way, they join with other girls like Pauline and Ashley.
But eventually they realize it's not all fun and games, for Peach's long time rival and recent breakout character that everyone loves is here to stop them: Pink Gold Peach! Jealous that she is seemingly unable to inflate with her metallic body, she aims to rid the world of P-Balloons and other Power Air-related items! Oh no! If she can't inflate, then no one will! Can you help Peach and friends stop her?! This mode also has two-player co-op.
In Versus mode, you can have a Balloon Battle with other humans or just the computer. Up to eight players can join! Eight characters are also available from the start: Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Pauline, Ashley, Mona, Penny Crygor and Captain Syrup. There are more to unlock as well by simply playing through Adventure mode! Each character has a unique special move.
This game is online as well! I bet you guys can't beat my Rosalina.

The controls for this game are simple too! Because of the nature of just being a balloon, you only need one Joy-Con and use of the control stick to move and float, and shoulder buttons for the special move, so you can play with just one hand! Convenient if you wanna, I dunno, eat a sandwich at the same time or something.

Release date is slated sometime in 2018 Q2. Maybe even sometime next April. Would be nice if it was on the 1st so it can come out as soon as possible, the wait is already killing me!

Anyway, that's all Nintendo allowed me to say. Anything else would be spoilers and a break of contract! I might be able to answer some questions about this totally real game though!
Rosalina Sprites WIP by rms-alt

Here are the Rosalina sprites I submitted on my other account. As I said, maybe leave comments here instead if you can. Here's the original description too, for convenience.

"I am on a crusade to create a fully fleshed out Rosalina sprite sheet! ...Pretty ambitious project, huh? That's why I wanted to show the first sprite before I do anything else, in case if you guys think anything needs fixing. Even now, personally I'm thinking that maybe the shading could be a bit darker, the bottom hem of the dress could use some tweaks, maybe make the earrings longer. But what do you guys think? Anything you notice that seems off? And if you can help it, maybe leave a comment on my main account instead, I'll be more likely to see it there. (I'll make a journal entry linking to this deviation.) I'll still keep a close eye here though.

I'll be updating this deviation every time I make more sprites."


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more pls
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Don't spam please. I'm not a machine, I have to go at my own pace.
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Minuntheminun Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
I really like your animations you do and the stories on them. Though I really kind of want an animation with Ashley inflated. But I won't force you if you're not so sure to make another Ashley expansion animation. I still love your other expansion animations especially the ones featuring Peach and/or Rosalina inflated.
reimarisakuya Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
Well thanks, friend! Glad you like them.
I have been given some general ideas for Ashley, but I just hadn't had the time to do much, or figure out the best way to do them. But I'll want to use Ashley again in the future, yes. This won't be the last time you see her. I just don't have very many voice clips for her, so she might be a bit awkward to work with for now. I might be able to do something short and simple at least, though.
Minuntheminun Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
Good to know that an Ashley expansion animation is still possible. Don't worry though, I believe you can do one. If you can use her in an animation with her limited voice clips, I think you can do something involving her.
MariaTheGardevoir Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017  New Deviant Student Traditional Artist
Hullo~ Really like your art~ Say, Maybe a little suggestion >w>
reimarisakuya Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017
Well then, go right ahead!
MariaTheGardevoir Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017  New Deviant Student Traditional Artist
Maybe Mario and luigi were doing the move balloon burst? (From Mario and luigi paper jam) where they have a pump and they have to jump momentumlly? but the balloon is instead princess peach? and if so, try making an alternate one, where she pops, while the original, they ride on her!
reimarisakuya Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017
Hmm, well I wouldn't be interested in involving Mario and Luigi. I could just have Daisy and Rosalina do it instead though. (Or have one of them be the balloon instead and have Peach do the pumping. It might depend on who's easiest to animate jumping.)
Good idea on using stuff like that as inspiration, though! (I should remake famous inflation scenes more often.)

Actually, using Mario and Luigi might not work too well anyway, since Paper Jam has a different art style than Bowser's Inside Story, which is the Peach I use. Their styles would clash. Also, the pumping device is a 3D model, but I might be able to redraw that as a sprite easily.

Anyway, I put this in my notes!
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